"Tooth for Tooth - In memory of the murdered women in Turkey"

Videoperformance 2016 – (8 Channel Video Installation) Groupexhibition This yearning is ours - Center of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu - CoCA, Torun , PL 13.5.-18.9.2016 Curator: Lora Sar?aslan Izmir Impact Videofest, Izmir, 1.-30.11.2016 Curator: Dr. Ebru Nalan Sülün Einzelausstellung, Tooth for Tooth, im Rahmen der Ausstellunhg Postideja IV, Karas, Pam?nkalnio Galerijoje, Vilnius, 30.9.-22.10.2016 Curator: Laima Kreivyte Gruppenausstellung : Uncertain States , Akademie der bildenden Künste, Berlin, 15.10.2016-15.1.2017 Curator: Anke Hervol, Johannes Odenthal in cooperation Gregos, Diana Wechsler.


For several years, more and more reports of violence against women are published in the press. In the Videoperformance (8 Channel Installation) " Tooth for Tooth - In memory of the murdered women in Turkey " the artist Nezaket Ekici works on the daily assaults and acts of violence against women in Turkey, which usually lead to death of women: honor killings, jealousy dramas, divorce cases, rape, robbery and much more. The artist deals with selected cases to remember the murdered women and their stories. The artist and other particate womens from Turkey in the video performance speak in memory of the souls of the dead. Because the women often could not defend these actions, the project will express their defensibility subsequently by body movement, personally and verbally, in an emotional way. The artist invites different women from Turkey to participate on behalf of the victims in the video project. Each of these women and the artist deal with one case that touches them personally. They also may pick up cases from their own family or the surrounding area. In the video you can see the performers against a black background in black clothes. The camera focuses on the face, head and feet. The performers fight in the style of a shadow boxer with hands, feets and verbally with all his strength fictitious in front of the camera. A kind of posthumous self-defense. The performer tells the story that personally touched her with full emotion and takes over representative the role of victim – until she it is exhausted. She tells the story in the third person, for example: Ayse was just 20. She comes from the area around , she was beautiful and jung and kill with knife…... etc. Even if the women in the video did not experience these cases themselves, they try to live out and understand it. The camera stands symbolically for the offender, who is now - even if it is in fact too late - taken within the meaning of the old testament accountable tooth for tooth. The video performance (8 Channel Video Installation) shows the murdered women not as victims, but as fighters in defensive attitude.

8 projector, sound, 8 media player

HD mp4, 16:9, sound, colour, Duration of each clip : variable around 6 to 12 min. Duration of the total flim: 1 h19 min.

Nezaket Ekici Tooth for Tooth - In memory of the murdered women in Turkey Videoperformance 2016; 8 Channel Video Installation Performer: Nezaket Ekici and Güler A??k; Güne? Hüseyinkulu; Hikmet Uçarku?; Huri Sevim Ya?ar; Simge Do?anay Ya?ar; Nejla Yerebakan; Özge Yüksel Assistent: Elmas Ekici; Güler A??k; Güne? Hüseyinkulu Camera and Editing: Branka Pavlovic Translater: Çi?dem Üçüncü Subtitles: Merve Bozcu Videostill by Branka Pavlovic